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The TCT Group is an experienced and nationally focused developer, owner and operator of mixed use residential and commercial developments. With a portfolio of more than 250 apartment and mixed use developments in Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), The TCT Group, along with TCT Realty Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, continues to be an industry leader. Both companies operate at the forefront of the economic resurgence of the GTA.

The TCT Group’s portfolio includes a complete spectrum of projects at various stages of development, from pre-construction to post-construction and from asset management to the acquisition of properties.

The TCT Group is also directly engaged in the management and marketing of various assets across the country.

The TCT Group is a true “Local” business — strong roots in the communities we serve — and equally committed to the people we employ. For example, members of the TCT Group support charities such as the Markham Stouffville Hospital Foundation and Kids Helping Children in Markham, while our investments in team members and communities are evident throughout the business. We are proud to be known as a company that truly invests in its employees and the communities in which we operate.

We invite you to explore the pages of this site to learn about the TCT Group, its values, and the projects it is currently involved in.A validation of a bioelectrical impedance assessment in obese patients using whole-body and segmental electrical impedance methods.
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