Livro Do Professor Wizard W4 31 ^HOT^













Livro Do Professor Wizard W4 31


December 9, 2564 BE – I’m completely new to blogging, but I write in my diary every day. . · 15, 2563 BE – 11:09 PM, January 31, 2022 . Professor-wizard-w4-31 -18-d4-2563-b0 “The last day of Winter”
– This is something new.
– What’s happened? I asked as the door opened.
A man came out of the library.
He had blond hair and light eyes.
On his nose, as usual, glasses, and in his hands – a notebook.
He was a professor and his name is Arthur Cronin.
“We have a new history of magic teacher,” said Professor Carrigan, “his name is Mr. Hardin.
He’s coming over here now.
“That’s good,” I said. – Why?
“He was our History of Magic teacher last year.



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