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Night Environment: Massachusetts for FSX: Steam Edition revolutionizes your night flying experience in Massachusetts. Using a series of databases, this add-on implements .

Night Environment: Sweden
The night environment for Sweden, Night Environment: Sweden is a 2015 desktop product which adds beautiful night textures, weather effects and FlightSIRI to the map. It is a direct port of the Flight Simulator X version of the mod.

Night Environment: Sweden Requirements

– Windows 7 SP1/ SP2/ SP3 64-Bit/ Windows 8 64-Bit/ Windows 10 64-Bit
– 1.2GHz Core2 Duo or Core i3
– FXGL 2.5 or greater
– DirectX 11 or greater

Users interested in obtaining a future update of the add-on for free can follow Night Environment: Sweden on their Facebook page or on Twitter. The update is released on a monthly basis, the first being on March 10, 2015.


Mapping of the product as a whole, with the original mapping as a comparison, was done by BlackSimmons.

The product consists of several pre-rendered World File Packages, each with it’s own set of textures, lights, weather, and aircraft in the same mesh.

Downloadable Files
The add-on is available as an external World File Package. Downloadable pre-rendered World File Packages are:
White Russia

Database Updates

The products release includes a database update package which updates the Sweden, Swedish, White Russian, and Moscow World File Packages with current database version.

Simulated Systems for FSX

Database updates
New database version were released in March, 2016 (2014 format) and February, 2017 (1010 format).

Engine Changes
The new database uses a slightly different engine for the lighting calculations compared to Flight Simulator X. The bases of the simulation have been adapted to reflect the changes.

Release History

See also
Aircraft Lighting


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