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post scriptum
“Some of you may wonder why we’re not addressing other issues like the slow upload speed at the PPP channel. Well, now you will understand why. We’ve somehow managed to get around the PE8.5 peak speed over the summer and see that the bottleneck has been reached. Out of the 169 UDP packets that we’ve been able to pass over the past two months, the rest are being skipped over due to the high network traffic.”
Warner insists the pace of improvement is steadily accelerating, but he says that the quicker the flow of data goes through, the better it’s served. “In the summer, this was an issue and we really needed to scale the upload capacity. With the recent increase in network traffic (about 500 Mbit/s), we were able to do the trick. Over the summer we’d opened up our network and we could still access our 242 Mbit full duplex links. As network traffic increases, we’ll continue to have this issue to try and re-solve it. The downward trend in the traffic is very, very slow, and we’m optimistic that we can beat that.”
Finally, Warner said that they were considering running a PPTP-only IPv6 ports as a solution to diversify their network and cut down on backups and replacements. The ports themselves will likely be an option sometime over the next couple of months, but their use will remain in theory in the future.
It was also announced that a few weeks back, Warners announced to open a new service called Universal Ports, that would provide them with an “admin bar” that could be configured to allow for one or more UDP ports being worked on and the entire client would be connected and accessible by default. It was also stated that the effort will eventually drive away the need for a dedicated outdoor PPT tunnel.



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