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– View: Show system information of the iDevice.
– Restore: Restore system information, user, application, etc. from the iDevice.
– Test: Test iDevice booting and shutdown.
– Backup: Backup iDevice
– Restore: Restore iDevice boot and shutdown log to System folder.
– Relocate: Relocate system to application.
– Backup: Backup system to System folder
– Restore: Restore backup data to iDevice.
– Scan: Scan the iDevice.
– Examine: Examine the iDevice.
– View: View iDevice System, user, application, etc.
– Restore: Restore System, user, application, etc. to iDevice.
– Repair: Repair iDevice.
– Fix: Fix the iDevice.
– Data: Analyze iDevice data, backup or restore.
– Application: Backup and restore application on iDevice.
– Rename: Change the name of file and folder on iDevice.
– Change: Change files and folders on iDevice.
– Optimize: Optimize files and folders on iDevice.
– [X] Reset: Reset System on iDevice.
– Reset: Reset application on iDevice.
– Delete: Delete files on iDevice.
– Rotation: Rotation of iDevice.
– Move: Move files on iDevice.
– Boot: Show the startup and shutdown log of iDevice.
– Include: Include files and folders on iDevice.
– Exclude: Exclude files and folders on iDevice.
– Eject: Eject a device from the computer.
– Backup: Backup files and folders on iDevice.
– Restore: Restore files and folders on iDevice.
– Password: Change or recover a device password.
– Files: Show information of files and folders on iDevice.
– Back: Back up files and folders on iDevice.
– Wi-Fi: Connect to Wi-Fi.
– AirPort: Connect to Wi-Fi access point.
– AirPort Extreme: Connect to AirPort Extreme.
– Bluetooth: Connect to Bluetooth.
– VPN: Connect to VPN.
– WLAN: Connect to WLAN.
– NFS: Connect to NFS.
– SMB: Connect to SMB.
– Address Book: Connect to address book.
– Contacts: Connect to contacts.
– Messaging: Connect to 4f8c9c8613

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KEYMACRO is a software designed to change the passwords on your keyboard so you can make it more convenient to access the data you need. KEYMACRO works with almost all BIOS and OS keystroke emulation software and will let you use your BIOS/keyboard to make access to information, such as a list of accounts, websites or passwords, just as if you had actual keyboard access to them.
If you are using a USB or FireWire keyboard, use BIOS/keystroke emulation software like USB BIOS Copy, USB BIOS Keystroke, USB-BIOS Copy or USB-BIOS Copy-2.
If you are using a PC that does not have a keyboard, use a USB-to-Serial cable, program your computer with a keyboard of your choice and use Kismet as a remote keyboard.
Because of the sensitive nature of these access codes, you should only use the program for specific purposes. You should not use it to protect other sensitive data, such as passwords or credit card information. You may also want to place a note next to your computer to remind you not to tell anyone what you are using this program for.
I use a Windows 2000 PC as a firewall and for business purposes. Whenever I need to access other accounts on the same computer, I have to change the access codes using passwords I do not want to tell people about. KEYMACRO is designed to make my life easier.
I can put in a list of passwords and website addresses and they will appear on my keyboard. I can then use those codes to access the accounts in one step, without typing anything.
It will even remember them for you so you do not need to go back to your computer every time you want to access those accounts. I can even use it to access all the websites I frequent, such as my bank or personal information. It is a time-saver.
KEYMACRO is not designed to keep you from entering your passwords. If you use it to lock your computer, it will only prevent you from using the keyboard to get access to your computer, but it will not encrypt your data or access your computer at all.
KEYMACRO is great for people who are worried about having the computer passwords they use exposed to the world. It allows you to access all the data you need, without showing your hands. It will not prevent you from doing anything you need to do to protect yourself.
KEYMACRO is great for people who use the PC for business

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