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Before the days of Android and iOS, a program called CSMMT (Custom Screen MultiMonitor Tool) took care of the issue for PC users. This was a multi-monitor tool that allowed you to adjust the edges of your monitors and move them around, making sure to keep the screen borders intact as you did it.
The problem is that this has since been discontinued, and there are few alternatives, which can be a problem for a multi-monitor user.


While there are commercial products that enable multiple monitors to appear as a single monitor, all of the ones I’ve seen are $10-15 per year and this is as close to “always free” as you’re going to get.
The best way to get more than 1 monitor working is to play with it. I used one monitor on my PC for years and was able to adjust the position of the primary monitor easily enough, so I bought the second and it has more functionality for multiple monitors that I use for the computer, but I couldn’t imagine using one monitor exclusively.

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E-Mail Checker: Email checker allows to check any web-based email service, including popular Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL and The service automatically signs you into your email account, and displays the full email content.
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Blowfish encryption for email and username and passwords.
Blowfish encryption is a strong encryption algorithm, based on a block cipher in an S-box design.
Blowfish provides password protection, and works on most computers.
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