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Keymacro is a password keeper, time tracker, and password organizer, which allows you to set and store different passwords in the program. You can also use it to get help with recovering a forgotten password.
KEYmacro has three modes: storage, editor, and debug.
Storage mode stores passwords in the program. To use this mode, type in the number of the stored password in the box above.
Editor mode allows you to use an external editor, such as Textpad or NotePad, to view and change the password. The editor can be set up in the program, and the passwords are viewed and edited.
Debug mode allows you to inspect the program to see exactly how the program stores and retrieves the passwords. You can use the mouse to select the data to be read or written, to change the data, and to open the GUI editor to see the data in a readable format.
Keymacro Features:
1. Storage mode: This mode allows you to store up to 40,000 passwords.
2. Editor mode: This mode allows you to open the program and view the data in your password file.
3. Debug mode: This mode allows you to use the program to open the GUI editor to view and edit the data.
4. Highlight passwords: You can highlight a word or character to see which passwords contain it.
5. Can use the mouse to highlight words and characters to see which passwords contain them.
6. Supports all editable fields in Windows.
7. Change the password from the program.
8. To remove a password, delete it in the password file.
9. Allow the program to store up to 40,000 passwords.
10. Display passwords by order or alphabetically.
11. Can change the order of the displayed passwords.
12. Show passwords in order of date last changed.
13. Display passwords in order of date last changed.
14. The type of display of passwords.
15. Can combine several password files into one.
16. To show passwords while typing.
17. To show passwords in the password box.
18. Preview passwords in real-time.
19. Anonymize the file with a password.
20. The number of passwords stored can be customized.
21. Displays the password database in the GUI editor.
22. Has an option to view passwords by order or alphabetically.
23. The order of displayed passwords can be customized. 384a16bd22

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This decoder decodes the keymacro. (Only the format is known at the moment, but more information will be added to this description.)
Keymacro are the basis of the protected PEiD files. Most of the files that are identified by PEiD are protected by a keymacro. A keymacro is just a string consisting of the bytes of a key, usually created by a very simple generator. The string is compared to a known key, most often the string is compared to a string that has been saved in a PEiD keymacro file that has been uploaded by a user.
The length of the keymacro may be 1 byte, 4 bytes, 8 bytes or 12 bytes. As the length of the keymacro is not fixed, it will be compared as a UTF8 string. The use of a 16 bit integer means that the number of bytes of the string must be an even number. It is very unlikely that the string will be generated by a simple algorithm, as it would be simple to generate the string in two ways, but PEiD tries to handle it.
The first thing is that the string must be one way generated. The other is, that the string does not contain the ‘\0’ character. The ‘\0’ character is automatically inserted by the string generator to indicate the end of the string. The ‘\0’ is also automatically replaced by the number of bytes the string has.
The following example shows a keymacro:
If the string is 10 bytes long, then the original string will be shifted to the right by 10 bytes. The result of that is also 10 bytes long, and its bytes can be used in the comparison as a real string:
Note that the order of the bytes is important. This is a keymacro from a 0day file. It has only 3 bytes, but 4 bytes are important, because the most significant byte is the end of the keymacro, and that must not be replaced by the ‘\0’ character.
Another note is that the ‘\0’ character is replaced by the length of the keymacro. This is important, as the string to be compared must be one way generated.
This keymacro is another example, it has only 4 bytes. The string is 5 bytes long. The string contains two bytes of the ‘\0’ character and a third byte that is in

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