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Create, edit and manage text documents and business graphics into a digital design process.
Professional Features:
Advanced text-editing features right into a graphics design suite.
Simultaneous gallery access, as well as a layout preview.
Simplified workflow by taking control of the document content and redesigning it into any layout type.
Support for InDesign integration for greater workflow efficiency.

Reinventing the file sharing experience

We’ve made it easy to connect to Dropbox. And we’ve made it easy to control access to files with new sharing options. See your shared files at a glance and enjoy powerful management tools.

Document search and file management from the cloud

Search through your Dropbox files or share them with friends and colleagues. See all files in a folder at once. And now, you can get the content of your files directly from the cloud so you can access them anytime, anywhere.

Share files more efficiently

New sharing options make it easier than ever to share files. And, they offer better control over who can see what.

More collaboration

See your colleagues’ shared files in a new window, and keep them in sync with Dropbox.

Get your files from the cloud, to your PC or Mac

Get the content of your files directly from the cloud. So you can get your files to your computer, iPad or iPhone just as easily as you get files to Dropbox.

Share any folder

In one click, you can share your Dropbox folder with friends and colleagues. Get instant access to your files—and everyone’s.

Use any email address

You can share files with anyone whose email address is in your Dropbox account. That’s more people than ever—and in one step.

Sort and filter files

You can view your files in different ways by grouping, sorting and filtering them by year, month, tag and size.

Take control of access

Give people permission to access specific files, groups of files or folders, and see changes that people make without having to ask them for permission.

Manage your files at a glance

See your files in a new window and always be sure you’re on the latest version.

Retrieve files right from Dropbox

When you need to get your files back, there’s no need to email or upload them. Just get your files to your Dropbox, and 384a16bd22

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Fast Link Checker Lite is a useful tool for checking the validity of website URLs. It’s a quick and simple solution, but it will work only for certain websites and browsers. However, you can always try a few other free and paid tools that can work better for you.

Publisher’s description

No installation or third-party software needed.

Perform a free URL check for websites that were sent to you by email, on the web, or from a document.

Select the URL and press OK.

A breakdown of the URL will be displayed in the main window.

The status, title, content type, size, last modified date, and the location of the link will be displayed in the right hand column.

Check all links in the current page by double-clicking on the link.

The main window can be closed by clicking on the “X” in the top-right corner.

What is new in this release:

Version 2.0.3: Fixed a bug that prevented links to work
Version 2.0.2: Added support for file URLs (both HTTP and FTP)
Version 2.0.1: Added support for the links: “” and “”
Version 2.0: Added support for the links: “ftp://” and “ftps://”
Version 1.0: Fixed a bug that prevented links to work… yeah, it was the right call. The only call, really, was for the declaration of war. Your movement was much more powerful before the war was declared, but then it was too late for that. It wasn’t all that effective a movement until the U.S. declared war.

At the same time, if you believe that the war is morally wrong and that war should be declared only when necessary, then the arguments don’t work. If you don’t declare war when it is necessary to declare war, you are basically

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