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KEYMACRO is an easy-to-use program that can help you build, save and execute macros in Windows.
Macros are repetitive sequences of actions you can perform on your computer. For instance, you can create a macro that runs a single command when you click the Start button. You can also create macros that perform multiple actions at once, such as pressing the Print Screen button, saving a file and deleting it.
What is the benefit of having a macro?
There are many practical advantages of using macros. Some of the most common include:
· Speed
· Convenience
· Portability
· Flexibility
Thanks to macros, you can easily edit, add, edit, remove and execute multiple commands without manually typing them into the Windows’ command prompt window.
· Enter the commands that need to be executed as macros.
· Select the trigger.
· Click the button that you want to execute the macro.
· Change the speed of the triggering or executing process.
· Record the macro.
· Select the location where the macro should be saved.
· Playback the macro.
· Exit the application.
If you have more than one macro, the order in which they are triggered or executed can be chosen by you.
Another feature that you will find in this program is the ability to create and execute keyboard macros that let you execute different commands automatically, while you are doing other tasks.
Some of the key features of the program include:
· A non-interactive user interface.
· Basic tutorials.
· Auto Run mode.
· Built-in editor.
· Multiple files and keyboard shortcuts.
· Keyboard Macro editor.
· Multiple trigger options.
· Multiple command options.
· Multiple execution options.
· Advanced features, such as:
・ Double-click to execute a macro.
・ Show tooltip while pressing a button.
・ Open the menu when a trigger button is pressed.
· Run a macro while the system is locked.
· Play a macro when Windows loads.
· Schedule a macro to run at regular intervals.
· Play a previously saved macro.
· Display the file that contains the macro.
· Edit and remove commands from a macro.
· Copy and paste commands from a macro.
· Restrict a macro to certain commands.
· Restrict a macro to a specific file.
· Restrict a macro to a specific location 384a16bd22

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BuddySpace aims to have the following features:
■ Instant messaging: users may connect to one another in order to carry out text-based communication. This is, of course, the standard functionality of Instant Messaging tools such as AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), ICQ, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo! Messenger.
■ Mobile phones: users may log on from their mobile phone using their computer’s Internet connection, and work will be carried out simultaneously on the computer and the mobile phone.
■ Audio: users may listen to pre-recorded audio messages at their leisure, or play back messages they themselves have sent.
■ Maps: users can place real-world geographic locations on a map, and may provide a visual marker for the message sender so that the receiver knows where the sender is.
■ Games: users may play games with one another through their computers, provided that the network bandwidth allows.
■ URL: users may bookmark a URL (web address) of interest and periodically check this address from their BuddySpace display. This functionality allows a user to view the web page, and maybe keep tabs on interesting sites by bookmarking them.
■ Work spaces: users may design a personal workspace in which to keep track of colleagues with whom they wish to be in contact; this may be anything from a ‘dashboard’ to a single visual map. This may be arranged in whatever manner is most convenient to the user, and may include a multitude of documents, images, music, videos, and other content; in any case, it is this visual ‘workspace’ that the user will be able to display to others through BuddySpace.
■ Document servers: users may place files on their BuddySpace workspace, and may make these available to other users. This may include presentation slides, research material, or any other content that a user wishes to share with the wider group.
■ Ratings: users may apply ratings to one another, in order to determine whether a colleague is a good person or a poor person. This may include a simple numeric score, a letter grade, or even a’star rating’. This enables one to make a friend or an enemy in an instant, and to perceive who is likely to be most useful or most useless.
■ Chat history: users may keep track of messages and other communications that have previously been exchanged between them.
■ Contact lists: users may keep track of

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