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KeyMacro is the safest and most popular tool for text replacement and Macro recording. With KeyMacro you can replace a large number of words by your own settings. KeyMacro does exactly what it claims: it makes your life easier by saving you the time, effort and typing that goes into manually editing text.
KeyMacro’s concept is simple: save time, save money, be a power user! KeyMacro has three main uses:
1. Faster typing
KeyMacro will record you typing keystrokes. It’s very easy to use, and much more comfortable than the alternatives.
2. Save the world from Wikipedia
KeyMacro saves you the trouble of copying and pasting Wikipedia into your Word or Excel document. You can use KeyMacro to do exactly that – save the hassle, save the bytes.
3. Text replacement
With KeyMacro you can replace a large number of words with a single click. No more complex text editors, no more tedious text searching!
With KeyMacro’s adjustable, helpful interface, you can easily set up complex, tailored macro commands for just about any situation. You can also save your macros in a.key file and share them with friends.
KeyMacro is your friend.
KeyMacro is a text replacement utility for the Mac. It’s easy to use, and the ability to record typed keystrokes and later replace text by a simple “cut and paste” method makes it the best tool to accelerate your typing without any effort at all.
With KeyMacro you can replace a large number of words by your own settings.
To achieve this, you simply click the keyboard, click the words you wish to replace, and KeyMacro will beep to let you know that it is recording your keystrokes. Later on, you can simply click the keyboard, then click the keyboard again, and a list of all the words that were replaced will appear. You can even use the special character command key (command+) to quickly and easily replace text. You can even delete a word with a single command. You can use KeyMacro to do exactly that – save the hassle, save the bytes.
KeyMacro’s interface is simple, yet very helpful. It allows you to set up macros according to your specific needs. You can also share your macros with friends.
KeyMacro is an easy-to-use text replacement utility for the Mac. It’s easy to use, and 384a16bd22

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KeyMacro helps users to make multi-step macros and hotkeys from Windows shortcuts or Macro keys. KeyMacro records the input keystrokes, then randomly assigns new shortcut keys to these keystrokes with the Macro dialog. You will not need to search for your Macros, as KeyMacro will automatically generate the next one for you. With KeyMacro, it is easy to implement your Macros, keystrokes and hotkeys. KeyMacro offers a robust Macros editor with a flexible Macros designer. It supports multiple Macros, hotkeys, and keystrokes, and customizes the default setup according to your needs.
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Desktop Enhancements/File & Disk Management… FREE File Manager is a free alternative to Windows Explorer and Windows Explorer Enhanced. Its powerful search capabilities, text and file selection filters, image support and support for 64-bit Windows allows you to manage your files,

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