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KEYMACRO is a keyboard macro utility with a simple and user-friendly interface. It allows you to record your keyboard actions (e.g. mouse clicks, keystrokes, etc.) as macros. Each macro can be easily assigned a shortcut (e.g. Ctrl+S, Alt+S, etc.) and can be activated by pressing the assigned shortcut.
The software can record almost all actions that can be performed on your computer:

start and stop the computer,

go to a website,

open a file or folder,

open a program,

launch an email,

execute an app,

print, save, or export a file,

launch a power menu,

turn on and off your wireless/wired keyboard,

open an Internet search engine,

switch between workgroups,

open an FTP server,

launch an Internet browser,

open an FTP client,

launch an FTP server,

open a HTML editor,

open a text editor,

launch a download manager,

browse the file system,

launch the printer queue,

open a terminal,

open a calculator,

open a calculator,

open a shell,

open a picture editor,

browse a file system,

open an IRC client,

open an FTP client,

open a share folder,

launch the network browser,

select a DVD or a CD drive,

browse a DVD or a CD drive,

launch a DVD player,

launch a DVD burner,

launch a ZIP archive manager,

launch a ZIP archive,

open a ZIP archive,

execute a shortcut,

start a program,

open a program,

execute a macro,

execute a batch file,

execute a VB script,

execute a Java application,

execute a batch file,

run an INI file,

run an EXE file,

load a class,

load a C program,

run a C program,

show message,

show progress,

send a data,

exit from the program,

go to the first or last entry in a command prompt,

open a command prompt,

launch an editor,

browse a picture library 384a16bd22

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We often hear from teachers that the high school age is a time when students are most willing to use technology for profit or to avoid the consequences of their mistakes. Since the development of computers, students have become less willing to face the consequences of their mistakes. Often, teachers and parents don’t have a good understanding of this.
This app will help students develop an understanding of how others might view their digital activities and also what they themselves think about online activities.
This app is not about the simple concepts of taking it easy online, or being responsible, or choosing to stay off line.
It is about the deep concepts of Ethics, Responsibility, and being a good citizen.
This application is designed to teach a child the following:
– You are responsible for your actions
– The choices you make will have consequences
– You have control of your life
– You can be wrong and still be a good person
– You should work hard to get good grades
– You should stay off of the internet and be responsible for your digital activities
– Don’t steal information
– Don’t lie
– Don’t drink
– Don’t use drugs
– Don’t harm others
– You have a choice of good and bad
– Think before you do things.
– Know what your parents/teacher/etc think about what you are doing.
– Understand how other people might look at your online activities.
– Understand how the internet works
– Know how to be responsible
– Understand the consequences of your actions
– Understand the difference between right and wrong.
• Requirements:
This is a Educational App. It requires a free registration to use, after which you can use the full app for free.
• Keep in mind:
The term, “controversy” has a very particular meaning. It does not mean that two people are arguing. Rather, it refers to the fact that one side of an argument is different from the other.
We believe the app would be an excellent tool for a teacher to use. It is perfect for first time users.
We also think that this would be a very useful app for parents.
We hope you enjoy the app, and it helps teach your child.
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Please feel free to email us with any questions you might have at: info@ethics

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