KEYMACRO is an application that enables you to make repetitive keyboard macros by using the keyboard input in some way.
Matching record types with their corresponding actions
You can save your macros in a set of record types, each one with its own definition. The definitions can include the actions to perform when the given record is executed, as well as the commands and arguments to pass to the action.
As you save macros with record types, you can automatically execute them, making each macro a single-step operation.
Existing record types can be added to the keyboard, which will make them appear as options in the macro’s definition screen.
The macro you create can be manually triggered by pressing Alt + the Record keys.
Alternatively, macros can be created automatically, by simply pressing Record while focusing on a certain region of the screen.
Visualise macros and create them instantly
The macro configuration screen is displayed when pressing Alt + the Record keys. This screen offers you a visual representation of the macro definition, plus a text-editor to edit it in case you need to make some changes.
From here, you can edit the macro definition directly, and even rearrange its order and add new ones. You can even create a new macro directly in the configuration screen.
Batch macro recording
You can record a batch of macros in one fell swoop, by pressing Alt + the Record keys.
When creating a new macro, you can add commands to include in the macro body, by holding Alt + the Record keys when creating it.
When creating macros, you can use the selected region of the screen as the target for the action, by pressing Alt + the Record keys.
You can also create a macro to only make the selected region invisible, by pressing Alt + the Escape keys.
Macro search
You can search for macros with certain names, by typing them in the search field. You can select the name and file types the search result should be listed by, by pressing Alt + the Fn keys.
Macro export
The macros are listed by their names. To export the macros, you can simply press Alt + the Print Screen keys.
As you can see, KEYMACRO is indeed a powerful application that, with a little bit of work and a long list of features, could provide you with a complete tool to enhance your typing abilities.
However, considering its features, as well as its shortcomings, it feels a bit overhyped and that is why 384a16bd22

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Use the KEYMACRO watch function to define a key combination for recording events. The keyboard command “F1” will open the tool and select a default time interval. In addition you can define a key combination for recording a special event. The following commands are available:
– opening the tool by pressing the “Ctrl” key + “F1”
– starting of recording the key combination
– stopping of recording
– displaying of recorded events in a Text Box

CompareNow Description:
CompareNow is a freeware, no strings attached, no spyware, no ads, easy to use, very simple time comparison for web or standalone.

CompareNow works on Windows or Mac OS X computers (Mac OS X Versions 10.5.x or higher).
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PCTIME Description:
PCTIME is a compact, simple and lightweight program that displays the current time and date in a program that is native on Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/NT/2003/Vista/Windows 7. This program displays the time in the local time zone (your desktop) and the time in UTC. It also offers the capability to compare any time to any time with a full day of granularity. For example, you can compare this Friday to any other day of the month and to a specific time in the future.

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TimeConverter Description:
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