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This set of macros provides with an easy way to automate and save time on a regular basis. They allow you to perform various operations: record sounds, playback recordings, display device information, configure the device, send commands, run a network scan…

.. _homepage:


The ProBit Polyscript requires the latest version of Vim, the Terminal to be able to use Terminal sessions.
Mac OS X 10.5 and later.
Mac OS X 10.6 and later.

.. _development:


* Download and install **Vim**.
* Download and install **ProBit Polyscript**.

When you launch the Polyscript you will see a list of terminal sessions, click on the terminal you want to open and select “ProBit Polyscript for Terminal”.
A directory ProBit Polyscript will be created, you can now install the Terminal commands and the widgets.
* **~/.vim** : Contains the definition of the commands and the variables.
* **~/.probit/polyscript.config** : Config file.
* **~/.probit/terminal.conf** : Config file for Terminal.
* **~/.probit/terminal.conf.macosx** : Mac OS X Terminal specific config.
* **~/.probit/scripts.txt** : Script file (list the commands and the widget.)
* **~/.probit/widget.conf** : Variables and definitions.

To save time, you can create a script file (**~/.probit/scripts.txt**) that you can execute on a regular basis, create a widget (**~/.probit/widget.conf**) to launch the Polyscript, in the Terminal, and execute all the commands (**~/.probit/terminal.conf.macosx**) and the widgets (**~/.probit/widget.conf**) by clicking on the respective button.

The widgets are the same and can be used to automate the regular operations.
You can save time and optimize the Polyscript by creating widgets and scripts with the drag-n-drop.

.. image:: 384a16bd22

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Use the KEYMACRO to automatically Zip up XNB files and create a custom class which can read them back without having to unzip them.
KEYMACRO Additional Info:
The KEYMACRO should be easy to understand. It is one continuous string, so if you want to split it up to use each part of the key, remember to use the
(New Line)
KEYMACRO usages:

You can get your XNA Game Studio content to create ZIP files for you by running your project through the updater. However, you cannot easily get the Zips out for distribution. Therefor you can use the KEYMACRO to create a custom ZIP file which you can just unzip into your own XNA Game Studio content.

In the library, the ZipContentManager class takes in any ZIP file, reads all the files, and then either stores them into a list of ContentObjects (which are not saved back to the ZIP file), or stores the contents of all the files into the CAB files which are then stored back into the ZIP file. So you can use this class to store all the content of your games or you can just store a specific part of the content of your games.

By default, the ZipContentManager class only stores.CAB files in the Zip content. However, the ZipContentManager has the ability to write directly to the ZIP file. This is great when you are creating custom files that will never be read back in again.

Notes on Compressing XNA Game Studio Files:
If you are reading in XNB files, they have an XML attribute named “VERSION” which needs to match the version of the game being read in. You can see the default XNB file is saved as Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Player.WinPhone but all XNB files can be stored in your ZIP files regardless of the file name.Q:

Do general advices concerning the adaptation of service application to a.NET environment also hold for Silverlight?

Recently I’ve found out that Silverlight is being used at the client side of a business application. I would like to know if in this case I should be applying the same design principles that concern the server-side-developers, to the client-side-developers. For example:

if I have a Service Layer that performs CRUD operations using Repository Pattern, should the Service Layer be created for Silverlight as well?


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