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KeyMacro is the safest and most popular tool for text replacement and Macro recording. With KeyMacro you can replace a large number of words by your own settings. KeyMacro does exactly what it claims: it makes your life easier by saving you the time, effort and typing that goes into manually editing text. KeyMacro’s concept […]


KEYMACRO is a utility which performs the following functions: – design your own, simple, no-nonsense toolbars. – create any number of toolbars (as many as needed) without modifying the original toolbar. – add, modify and delete your created toolbars. – execute the created toolbars. – select the appearance and the function of each tool (tab, […]

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Windows Update is an important tool to have on your Windows-based computers. Its features include a mechanism that allows you to ensure that the latest version of an important program such as the operating system is already installed on your computer. It is also available in different languages and can provide you with an option […]

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Rinzo is an extremely easy-to-use, yet powerful XML editor. It is meant to be used by beginners, yet it is powerful enough to allow advanced users to make use of it. It can generate XHTML documents from a XML file. It can read and write XML files, and it is capable of creating, editing, and […]

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==================== #In the command window type: #Convert an image to grayscale. (Color images may have pixel problems) #Note that grayscale images will be used to compute the geodesic diameter. #Convert the image to binary. #Prepare a binary mask. #Calculate the geodesic diameter for the original binary image. #Calculate the geodesic diameter for each label. #Calculate […]

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• Create screen savers, slideshow screensavers, Flash animations, flash slides, images, and flash presentations. • Easy to use • Have great animation • Key Shortcuts: F9: Start a slideshow. Ctrl+F9: Stop the slideshow. F9: Open Flash Screen Saver. F9: Choose Screen Saver. F9: Save Screen Saver as. F9: Change Screen Saver. F9: Properties Screen Saver. […]