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1. Merge multiple Word documents in a directory into one single document. 2. Remove header and footer sections from the documents. 3. Count the number of documents in the directory. 4. Load documents from the file system and from URL directly. 5. Export the Word documents into the specified file format. 6. Export the file […]

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* This software is for truss structure. The truss consist of a framework structure and 2D static analysis. * It allows you to load truss data with built-in definition. * Truss analysis is based on the Newton-Raphson method, and take into account the materials properties to analyze the structure. * 2D truss can be set […]

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1) Create playlists from music folders found on your computer 2) Automatically transfer new music folders to your Creative ZEN 3) Automatically search through music folders on your computer 4) Sort the playlists 5) Manually browse the music folders, or let the app search automatically 6) Automatically add new folders found on your computer to […]

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Macro to hold button sequence. Every day people use the Internet to share the events of their lives. They also use it to interact and seek help from others. However, during the time we spend on the web, we can be exposed to an array of threats, which can be embarrassing, if not extremely dangerous. […]

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■ Make MAC address recognizable and personalizable in the records. ■ Easier to identify the active clients on your network. ■ Modify protocol headers of the recorded data. ■ Make HTTP request only when the session is active. ■ Support both IPv4 and IPv6. Notes: ■ Open the macro and select a source address, then […]

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Display your webcam/microphone and record your keystrokes with your choice of text, music, or application in real-time. Recording can be started and stopped as needed, and a filter can be applied to the input before being sent to a clipboard. Type and press keystrokes in real-time Recording stops, and starts as needed Excel like clipboard […]